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PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA ( dimas cargo ) is a Freight Forwarder which was built by Mr.Bakat Partosuwito  We have a lot experience from since 1993.
With his experience, We built  PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA establishment on 09 Juni 2006  but we operational international on 2000 , it’s direction is giving the best service for its customers because of that, since PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA any big company give applause for its quality, speed and save in service.
In its young age, PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA could fight against other company which have a same major and have partners which can bring advantage to both of them and become a loyal customers business.
In globalitation, PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA will power to go International and inviting a professional workers to its new branch which have longer reach out.
In case of that we invite and introduce our selves to service live hood which better and PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA is the best choice. Its well supported by experienced air freight and sea freight team and work profesionally. In a shortime, PT. DIMAS CARGO INDONESIA forward fastly. We can compete to other forwarders in Indonesia, and we look forward to extending our services, we consider about quality, speed and save in services.
PT. DIMAS  CARGO INDONESIA is the right choice to be your partner, and we can guarantee about that.

Best Regards,


Bakat  Partosuwito